How We're Organized


Our pastors are ordained ministers in the Presbyterian Church of America. Their responsibilities are to preach God’s Word, administer the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, perform weddings and funerals, and provide spiritual care for the members of the church. They also set and communicate the vision of the church, with the help of the other elders.


In addition to our pastors (who are also called “Teaching Elders”) qualified members of the church are elected to the office of Ruling Elder. Together they form the “Session” of the church, which oversees all aspects of church life, including worship services, staff, ministry initiatives and the church’s finances. Our Elders Are: Drew Brenner, Bo Collins, Randy Deaton, Jim Frank, John Gibbs, Dennis Hogan, Lee Hunt, John Lough, Greg Schneeberger & Chris Sparks.


Our deacons serve as the hands and feet of Jesus at Christ Church as they care for those who are in need. They provide counsel and assistance to both those who are a part of our church family, as well as others in our community. Their efforts are funded by a portion of our church budget, as well as by our annual Benevolent Offering, which is received each year on Good Friday. Our Deacons are: Vic Brenneisen, Milton Cardwell, Marie Cardwell, Chuck Case, Randy Deaton, Keadron Friar, Keith Higgins, Fran Logan, Bob Murray, Ginger Rundberg & Lynn Schneider.