Gospel Journey


Sunday Mornings 8:45 and 10:45 Services for ages up to 6th Grade
Gospel Journey offers a time of age appropriate messaging during part of the worship services on Sundays. Combining worship music, large-group and hands-on small-group activities, your children now have more time to explore their Gospel Journey. Parents, please note that preschool age children called up for the Children’s Blessing will attend Gospel Journey for the greeting and snack time only. Their preschool teacher and assistant will take the preschoolers to their classroom for their own age-appropriate lesson. Your three and four year olds may also stay in the well staffed nursery as it is available for children up to age four. Ages 5 years to 6th Grand will enjoy the Gospel Journey program. The children will return to the Worship Arts Center before the Eucharist. Know that your children are welcome to stay with you during the sermon or go to Gospel Journey.