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 Your Missions Committee is at the heart of outreach to the world for Christ Church Santa Fe. Our church goal is to give 10% of our offerings to benevolence activities. 70% of that is prayerfully managed by your Missions Committee. Through the more than 5 global mission partners selected by the committee for 2017 — CCSF truly does impact the world. Christ Church Santa Fe supports several national and international missions, providing assistance through prayer, finances and physical presence. Some of our partners in sharing Jesus Christ around the world are listed below.

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As part of the 2013 CCSF building campaign (God’s Work is Alive!), we built four churches in Africa: three in Nyasirori, Guta, and Iguata, Tanzania, and one in Nyagatare, Rwanda.

world_iztapalapachurchplantMexico City Iztapalapa Church Plant, El Redentor, Church Planting Training Ministry (Reverend Victor Cruz; Committee Contact Joe Fammartino)

Victor Cruz is a well-known frequent visitor to Christ Church. Victor, wife, Teresa, Fernanda and Hugo Cruz have a vibrant ministry in the heart of Mexico City with the El Redentor Church which serves the Roma area of the city. Victor will be back in Santa Fe in late August, 2015. Click here to read full article…

world_global_outreach2Global Outreach (Tom Wright Executive Director),

Tom Wright led a medical and dental team to work in Igegu village this past October. At that time, pastor Michael Chacha had 37 members in his Bible study and the village people drank water from the same pond where the livestock watered.

Since October, the village chief donated a tract of land and a church has been built. Click here to read full article

world_medicalministryintlMedical Ministry International (CEO Sam Smith; Committee Contact Joe Fammartino),

Medical Ministry Intl. has been working for over 47 years in more than 70 countries around the word. Their focus is to provide health care while being intentional to build for the future. At Christ Church Santa Fe… Click here to read full article

Here are links to two of their videos: Watch Videos

world_intlchurchplantingcubaInternational Church Planting: Cuba (Leadership: Allen Thompson; Committee Contact Brad Thompson)

The International Church Planting Center is working to support Iglesia Evangelica “Los Pinos Nuevos” (LPN), a Cuban group of churches, to establish ten church multiplication centers (churches) in ten cities of over 100,000 population and purchase ten small farms. Click here to read full article…

Great Plains GatheringGreat Plains Gathering (Josh Charette; Committee Contact Annette Kaare-Rasmussen)

The Great Plains Gathering vision is to see “Jesus’ kingdom extend through gospel ministry in both word and deed in such a way that true hope and peace can flourish among the Indian people of Billings.” A church plant of the PCA, they are a community that is a reflection of urban Indian people; Click here to read full article…

Other ministries supported by the CCSF missions committee include:


world_presbyteryofswPresbytery of the Southwest

We are the regional church of the Presbyterian Church in America in the southwestern United States. We are a body of churches working together to build God’s Kingdom in Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas.

For a list of churches within our district, please go to our website at For more on the Presbyterian Church In America, please go to:


world_swchurchplantingSouthwest Church Planting Network

In 1998 the Southwest Church Planting Network was formed to make expanding the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, a high priority in the Southwest region—covering the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma and the northwest corner of Louisiana.

For more information, please go to:

world_nabeeljabbourNabeel Jabbour

Dr. Nabeel Jabbour is originally from Lebanon. He lived with his family in Egypt for fifteen years. He and his family moved to Colorado Springs in January 1991. Since 1997, the Jabbours have been U.S. citizens.

Although Dr. Jabbour comes from an Arab Christian background, for the first fifty years of his life, Muslims were his neighbors, teachers, friends, roommates, and students. Read extended bio here.


Your Missions Committee members are:

Julia Hoffman

Annette Kaare-Rasmussen

John Lough

Betty Milroy

Lleta Scoggins

Gary Seawright

Brad Thompson