Take Them a Meal

take-them-a-mealThrough a team of wonderful volunteers, we provide meals to Christ Church members in times of need such as: the birth of a baby, after surgery or hospitalization, or during a crisis. The meals ministry coordinator needs to be made aware of a need, either by direct request or through referral by someone within the church. Volunteers are asked to provide a meal (home cooked or purchased) and delivered to the recipient’s home. Typically, meals are setup to come every other day for 2 weeks. The meals ministry is an excellent way to meet others and to truly make a difference in a church members life. In times of need, a meal is a true gift.

Click here to visit the Take Them a Meal website, which we also use to help in the coordination. For more information on Take Them a Meal please call (505) 672-3934.